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   Pennsylvanians are like many other people across this nation in that we are planning our trips and vacations ever more carefully. With rising fuel costs, and just about everything else, one of the many trends is in American's spending more time at home.

   This is leading to more of us putting more work into our homes to make them more enjoyable with the increasing trend in "Vacationing At Home".

   No more is this trend evident than in the level Americans are investing in making their home their own personal Spas

   With Jacuzzis style tubs from names like PDC Spas, gone are the days of tacky Hot Tubs Lehigh Valley Poconos Pennsylvania as today's models include a wide array of options and features including, surround sound stereos, CD players, Speakers, Special Hot Tub lighting and more. With cabinets and shells in a variety of styles and colors and features such as waterfall circulators, ozone systems and other advanced features, health benefits are also being recognized, be it stress relief or improved circulation, Whirlpool Tubs are here to stay.


Pool Packages For Sale Lehigh Valley Poconos

Pool Packages For Sale Lehigh Valley Poconos

Pool Chemicals For Sale Lehigh Valley Poconos

 Hot Tub Spa and Pool Chemicals
PDC Spa & Pool World carries a full line of Pool and Hot Tub Chemicals including Specialty Chemicals to help you maintain crystal clear water!
We are an authorized dealer for many of the top names in these chemicals as well.
Stop by our Showroom for FREE water testing using our Wave III Resource Scanner that gives custom results detailing your pool chemical needs.

 In another area of home recreation, more and more PA. homeowners are turning from the traditional in-ground pool with their costly installation to Above Ground Pools Lehigh Valley Poconos Pennsylvania. Here again great strides have been made in looks, design and durability making a today's above ground pools tasteful and a wise choice, especially since you can take your pool with you if you move.

Above Ground Pools, Sales, Service, Liners, Parts, Supplies, Lehigh Valley Poconos Pennsylvania

Outdoor Saunas For Sale Lehigh Valley Poconos

Another huge trend increasing in popularity is the rise of personal Saunas . Today there are many styles and types that can fit nearly any need or area of the home, inside and out.

If you want to know more about the differences try reading the article traditional verses infrared at the website of PDC Spa and Pool World.

Saunas Lehigh Valley Poconos Pennsylvania Saunas Lehigh Valley Poconos Pennsylvania

Steam Saunas and Steam Rooms are what we used to think of went when thought saunas and while they are growing in personal home use, including portable saunas, one of the major shifts in use has been to Infrared Saunas Lehigh Valley Poconos Pennsylvania



     One leading sauna maker that has a wide selection for a variety of uses and in a wide price range is Finnleo Saunas. More can be seen on their lineup at the PDC Spa and Pool World website.


    With the trends mentioned in vacationing at home more and more and the increased purchase in above ground pools, saunas and hot tubs, maintenance is an area more homeowners are having to familiarize themselves with from Pool Chemicals and Sauna Chemicals to Pool Supplies, Sauna Supplies and Spa Supplies there are more and more local Supply companies available to the equipment owner.

    There is also far better availability for Spa Parts, Pool Parts and Spa Repair services especially those serving areas in the 570,610, 215 area codes and 18711, 18034, 18051, 18000, 19608 zip codes.

    Companies like PDC Spa World of Lehighton, PA. serve all of the following areas; Brodheadsville, Tannersville, Stroudsburg, Poconos, Hazleton, Lehigh Valley, Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Pennsylvania, PA, Fogelsville, Nazareth, Wilkes Barre, Laurys Station, Center Valley, Reading, Pocono Manor, Pocono Summit, Pocono Region, Saylorsburg, Shawnee, Monroe County, Carbon County, Luzerne County, Lehigh County,, 

   We hope you found this helpful and welcome you along with more and more American's in the growing trend of vacationing at home!


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